Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Court Date!!

Matt and I were at home about to eat dinner. Matt was blessing the food and asking God to give us a court date quickly. No sooner had Matt said Amen then my phone starting ringing. I saw the famous 817 area code and was so excited to hear Kristin on the other line. She was calling to tell us of our court dates!!!

Our MOWA (Ministry of women's affairs) court date is October 7th.(we do not travel for this one) If all goes well then our official court date is October 19th. We will be in country from the 17th-24th. We get to meet Solomon on the 18th...crazy!! I am so excited and so glad that we got our court date before the courts close in August. Now we really need to get on the ball with getting Solomon's room ready. Sooo So Happy we got a court date!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


So in our referral pictures that we got there was only one picture of Solomon slightly smiling. This week we have received several pictures of Solomon from families who have recently traveled to pick up their children. I am glad to report that Solomon looks so happy and is very smiley in almost all of the pictures. He has the best smile ever! I can't wait to get him and show him to you all! He is now sitting up in most of his pictures. We even got some videos of him laughing! So great to see videos..I just can't explain it.  And apparently he loves to bounce while standing.I was also told he was heavy so I really need to start lifting some weights to prepare for him.

We are still waiting for a court date...I hope we hear something soon, this wait is HARD!!