Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our gotcha day anniversary

Last week we celebrated Solomon's gotcha day. I couldn't write this any better so I copied it from my husband's blog..

One year ago today Laura and I pulled up to our adoption agency’s foster home on the side of a hill in Ethiopia. We had come to receive a baby boy named Selamu into our family. I will never forget it. We stood outside the gate of the home while a worker for our agency went inside to bring him out.

So, we just stood there and waited in the street.
I can still hear the sounds of the children playing and talking on the other side of the wall. I can still hear the sound of the women saying goodbye to Selamu. These were the women who had cared for him since he arrived.
When the gate opened our worker stepped out holding Selamu, walked over and handed us our son.
Solomon had nothing with him but the clothing he was wearing. But that was all he needed.
When we got back into the van to leave the orphanage Solomon started crying. He was scared. He did not know where we were going. He did not know who we were. But in his fear, he did one of the most moving things I have ever witnessed.
He reached his little arms around his forever mommy’s neck, placed his head on her chest, stopped crying and held on.
In that moment he experienced the love and assurance of adoption. He was our son, and we became his mommy and daddy. We are so thankful for what God has done. Solly is truly a gift of God. A blessing.
- Happy Gotcha Day 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been busy around here..hence not posting in awhile. Back in August I quit my part time job of working as a social worker for early intervention and began watching some children in my home. I feel that we are just now getting into a good routine and Solomon is doing well sharing his mommy. (The kids aren't here today and Solomon is napping so I finally had some free time to write in this here blog.)

In August/September, we also went on our annual family beach trip with my side of the family and Matt's side of the family...all staying in one house. For the most part Solomon had a great time, but he easily got worn out by the hot sun.

Solomon also went to the fair for the first time and loved feeding and seeing all of the animals.

We are about to have lots of celebrations soon. It has almost been one year since Solomon has been with us. I can not believe how fast it has gone by. He also will turn 2 next month!!

I will leave you with some recent pictures.