Monday, May 9, 2011

November 22

November 22,
I have a one year old!!! Yep today was Solomon's birthday. He spent the whole first year of his life (plus a couple of days) in Ethiopia. We spent our usual time cuddling in bed..he normally woke up around 6:30 :)

 Then it was time to cuddle with the grandmas

 Solomon really needed a hair cut and I knew that once we got home in America that we were going to be staying at home a lot and the last thing I would want to do is find somewhere to get his hair cut. So we made a reservation at Boston Day Spa. It was close enough that we could walk from our guesthouse. Solomon did great as long as he had his bottle.

 Handsome birthday boy with his new haircut!! He looked like such a big boy.
 We decided to go upstairs and eat some lunch at Lime Tree. It was our first time eating out in public in the city of Addis with him.

John got a haircut too. 
 In Lime Tree there is a small bookstore with some English books and we saw these books written by Dr Chapman (my husband works with him at our church...pretty neat to see them all the way in Ethiopia). Then it was playtime back at the guesthouse with some balloons.

 Playtime before the party started!!
Watching Elmo for the first time.
Birthday boy was not to happy waiting for everyone to arrive for his party.

 Solomon (our driver) brought this cake for is from Bilos... they have amazing desserts.
 The guesthouse even did a coffee ceremony for him...very sweet. 
 Amy, Joanna and John

 Solomon and Jonathan
 Even Matt was able to celebrate with us :)

 Check out those "candles"

 Some of the guesthouse staff..
 Mom, Venita and John
Enjoying some birthday cake

 John enjoying the party
 Sharing some cake
 Checking out his presents. 

So thankful for this boy and glad we got to celebrate his first birthday with him. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

November 19-21 (Day 36-38)

November 19
We stopped by the Lufthansa office to verify our return tickets home (as was advised) and to see if we could get the bassinet seats. It was a long wait. We then stopped for lunch at Blue Tops and headed out to the Gladney government orphange tours so that my mom and MIL could see them. Such an emotional sight no matter how many times you see it.
 Ethiopian Coke
 my lunch of tomatoes and mozzarella 
 A common sight to see in the middle of the road
 The boys orphanage sleeping area
 When we got back to the guesthouse the staff was putting on a coffee ceremony for a family that was leaving.
 my mom
November 20
We went to the Boston Day spa to get a massage :) We then headed over to the Tropical Gardens area for a craft bazaar. (Travis gladney staff member let us know about it...only open certain times). There were soo many white people there that it didn't feel like you were in Ethiopia. They even had some Christmas music playing. There were amazing of the best shopping experiences. I got some blankets, pillows, t-shirts...We then had lunch at Antiqua and stayed in that night playing cards
Tropical Gardens Shopping

November 21

We went to the Sheraton for a day of relaxation :) Spent most of the day laying by the pool and soaking in the rays. Poor Venita was sick and stayed in. 

 Our Ethiopian swimsuits :)
Solomon and John enjoying some time in their "pool"