Friday, July 24, 2009

Things are happening...

Things to do: This week Matt and I received our FBI clearance reports. Basically it is a copy of our fingerprints with a "No arrest" stamp on it. That's right we have never been arrested. So I need to get it notarized, I think, and send it in. I finally think all of our references have sent in their letters. Thanks Alex, Will, Kelli and Amy, that meant so much to us, you have no idea how grateful we are for the kind words! This week I also heard back from our dossier service, and Matt and I both have to redo our passport copies that we sent in apparently our signatures are not very good.

This morning we had a final homevist with our social worker. We talked about how we want to raise our child, our discipline methods, how Matt and I met and our relationship. Then she went around and looked at our house. She thinks she could possibly get our homestudy report done by next week!! I am getting very very excited as I feel this is the last part on our ends to get us on the waitlist for our baby E!!

Once we are on the waitlist we are required to do some reading to help us prepare for our baby (Currently most families are on the waitlist for 9 months before they receive a referral for their child from Ethiopia). Although Matt and I have already been doing some reading, they have certain topics we must cover. We are also going to go to the Together for Adoption Conference in Tennessee the first weekend in October which will be amazing. Check out another great video:

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