Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Changes...

Today we received news from our agency that there are some changes. The federal courts in Ethiopia now require families to travel twice (we were only going to have to travel once to bring our baby home). Now we must travel once for us to appear in court and once for us to pick up Baby E to come home to the United States.  The first trip will be about 5 days. The next trip 7 days. The time between the court date and embassy date could be 3-6 weeks. At first Matt and I were really bummed I mean this is more expense. Plus we get to see our child and then have to leave-how hard will that be-I just can't imagine. But we are trying to look at the positive this does mean that we get to go to Ethiopia twice. We get to see our child's homeland and experience it twice. Plus we get to see our baby hopefully earlier than we would if we had to wait until after we passed court.Well I am assuming that we would get to see our child the first visit..I don't really know. We always knew that adoption was an ever changing process and never set in stone. We also know that God is in control and knows what is best for us and our baby.


  1. Same feelings here. On one side I am glad that we get to meet our baby sooner. On the other hand, the added expense is overwhelming. So is the fact that we will have to LEAVE him behind! Praying some referrals get going pretty soon. I really need that!

  2. Praying this may change! God can do anything!!


  3. Hi Laura, I'm right next door to you in Hillsborough, NC...and I work in Greensboro! Jeff and I are with Gladney and expecting our "Baby E" around the same the time. I have the same feelings about the news...trying to remain positive, but such a shock yesterday. Would love to get together since we're so close. Maybe in Winston or Greensboro one afternoon?
    p.s. we just recently posted our info on the FBI list.

  4. I've been a "secret follower" of your blog for awhile now...I don't live too far from you guys either (Greensboro). My husband and I are in the process of adopting frozen embryos right now and love following all adoption blogs. I'm saddened for all you Ethiopian mommies and daddies right now, but as you know also, God is both good and sovereign. Excited to see what He has in store!

    Jennifer :)