Wednesday, June 2, 2010

While we are waiting

So "the call" really could come any day or it could be months. But just in case it could be any day I am carrying  my phone around with me wherever I go and for that one split second when it rings I think this could be it. Although we haven't gotten the call yet, I did get an important phone call today. We found out that our crib had arrived at the store and was ready for pick up :) Luckily my dad was able to help us bring it home because it never would have fit in Matt or I's car. Thanks Dad.  Here is Matt putting it together:

Here is the finished crib with my current baby in it! I love how it came it..ordering online can be tricky when you can't see or touch the object so I was a little nervous, but I am so happy with it.I can't wait till there is a real little baby in this room!


  1. Love the crib! Ours is very similar:) I have also been the same way with my phone. Hoping they start ringing off the hook in June!!!!!!!


  2. I love the pic of the dog in crib! Too funny! Our dog would love to do the same but too bad she is 65 lbs! June could be your month!!!

  3. i love the puppy testing out the crib!

  4. HI, We are N&K-No Blog right under you on the FBI wait list. Your new post is very exciting!!
    Any day now:)

    Brooklyn, NY
    Gladney Wait Listed

  5. Ahh! #1 for a girl! Judah would love a Carolina girlfriend :-)