Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another update

We got a new update and one of the cutest pictures yet. Here is what our agency rep. had to say about him. 

S. is such a happy little guy.  I’ve probably said that before, but it bears repeating.  He’s so interactive and playful.  The slightest interaction with him brings a huge grin to his face and causes him to laugh loudly.  Today, I visited with him while he stood in his crib and kept his perch there above his little corner of Foster Care 2.  He likes to know what’s going on, so if he’s in his crib, and not playing on the floor, then most likely, he’s standing up keeping himself up-to-date on the goings on in his room.  What a delight he is! 

I am loving his little personality....Only 45 more days till we get to meet Solomon!!


  1. oh how exciting !!! that is awesome. it must bring a big smile to your face & heart to hear some updates.

    hi. i just came across your blog from another blog. we too are adopting thru gladney from ethiopia.

    i joined to follow your blog updates too:)

  2. What a great update. Our baby boy is in #2 now also...Im sure they keep each other laughing:) Hoping this next month flies by, and we'll be holding our baby boys SO SOON!!!