Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Two Year Old

Solomon turned 2 on November 22. He loves Elmo so we had a Sesame Street themed party and invited some of his friends and family. Can't believe he is two. We also celebrated being home for one year on November 25. 

At two years old he loves Elmo and Spider Man who he affectionately calls Milk Man.   He got a tricycle for his birthday and frequently asks to ride his bike. He loves to dance and tries to sing the alphabet song, happy birthday and Jesus loves me. He puts lots of phrases together such as I want __ or where ___ go. We are starting to hear more and more yes instead of always no. When asking a question he tilts his head to the side. He always lets you know what belongs to who.."that's daddy's bike". If you ask him his name he says Solly. Almost daily he tells us about how a doll fell on his cousin Emma on Halloween by saying doll fall emma ok.  He tells us when he is scared of the gark (dark). He loves to steal my phone and chap stick. Knows how to operate an iphone and find his games on it. Loves bubble baths. He sleeps like a champ 11 hours at night and usually a 2-3 hour nap during the day. He currently has two of his two year molars in. He worries about other's booboos. He prefers to read books on his own instead of having you read it to him. Loves his milk. Sometimes he pretends that he has a baby in his hands and will rock it or kiss it. He also likes to pretend he is a dog. He has some temper tantrums now but they aren't too bad. Still working on his hitting. I can't believe he is has flown by.

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  1. Happy Birthday Solly!! He's a beautiful 2 year old! Reading this update makes smile :) It goes by so fast doesn't it?