Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lazy 5 Ranch

Yesterday Matt, Solomon, my dad, niece, and the little girl I watch went to the Lazy 5 Ranch. It has lots of exotic animals (lamas, ostrich, emu, lemurs, buffalo, yaks, cows, pigs, birds) that you can pet and feed. You can also go through a wagon ride to feed the animals or drive your own car through--we opted for the wagon ride. We had never been before and Solomon had so much fun. No fear whatsoever of feeding these giant animals. 
Right when we got to the park
 With Daddy and the Lemurs
 Ally, matt, Solomon, Emma, Dad
 Umm no Solomon we don't need to kiss the animals only pet them!!!
 Having fun with the goats
 About to start our wagon ride safari
 Trying to feed zebras even though we weren't supposed to feed them

 See no fear of feeding a buffalo

 This huge cow was in the movie Last of the Mohicans
 The only animal I fed
 Solomon was so tired by the end of the ride.

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