Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I found out today that our adoption agency, Gladney, received our homestudy. YEAH!! There was one problem though. About a year ago Matt got a speeding ticket and not only did he get a speeding ticket but he didn't have proof of insurance in his car!! Keep in mind that I regularly tell him to slow down, especially in that area because it is down hill at 35 mph. So Matt had to write a letter of remorse for getting his ticket to the adoption agency. I told him he should put that he would listen to his wife from now on because she always tells him to slow down. Of course he didn't. But now I found out that we also need the police report from that incident :( I thought we were done getting papers, but hopefully it will be easy to get and that can be sent in. Once that is in they can send our information to CIS so we can get a letter of approval to adopt!! And then be put on the wait list!

Another very exciting thing happened. I was put in touch, by our home study social worker, with some local families who are adopting from Ethiopia. They are having a get together on the 30th at a park in Greensboro, so Matt and I are going to try and go and meet some of the families. Hopefully there will be some families who already have their beautiful Ethiopian kids!! How exciting!


  1. welcome to the blogging world! (or, maybe i just discovered your blog!!). i can totally relate to the ticketed husband scenario. generally an amazingly upstanding citizen...but then he gets behind the wheel! :)
    sigh...if only they would listen! :)

  2. ps: just noticed you are a social worker also! wonderful! what kind of work do you do?