Saturday, August 1, 2009


So I am super excited. I am pretty sure that Matt and I are done with our paperwork!!! Well I better correct myself, we are done with everything we have to do. On Friday we had the last of our paperwork notarized and I was finally able to get my medical form situated. Actually I made Matt handle it as I have had it up to here with them...and it took him 3 hours to get the form filled out. It is such a relief to know that the medical form is completed, for the third time, hopefully the last time. So anyway I plan on sending all of our remaining forms (my medical, passport copies-we had to redo as we did not sign our full name, FBI results, and two references) to Kate our Dossier service, on Monday to be looked over to make sure that the forms are good to go.

We are only waiting on two things. First, our homestudy report to typed up (I just found out that the woman completing our report had to be with her sick father, so please pray for healing). And second our Immigration letter..but they can't send that until they have our homestudy. So that is it, that is all we are waiting for until we can be placed on the wait list!!! Once on the wait list we will wait for around 9 months until they give us a referral for our child. The referral will include pictures, medical info, and any background information that they know. After we accept the referral we are given a court date in Ethiopia. The court date is usually about 2-3 months out after you accept the referral. Once they approve us on that court date we make plans to travel over and pick up baby E in Ethiopia!

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