Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's going on...

Well I know I haven't posted in a awhile, but there hasn't been much adoption news to report. Two weeks ago we found out that in addition to Matt's apology letter for his speeding ticket, he also needed to send in a police report. After going back and forth between the clerk of courts and police department he found out that in Forsyth county they no longer give people police reports. So then we found out he needed to get a notarized letter saying there was no police report available. Who new a speeding ticket would mean so much. I found out that Gladney received his letter and now they are just reviewing our homestudy in order to approve the homestudy to send to CIS (immigration office). (I thought they had already reviewed it, but I guess not). Once CIS receives it they send us an approval letter and that should be the final thing we need!! This process could take several months. So this is were we are: waiting for our homestudy to be approved and our letter from CIS.

We did get trainging videos from our adoption that is a good sign, right. The topics are: Attachment and Bonding, Facilitating Behavior Change, Institutionalized Child, Grief and Loss in Adoption, and Ethiopia Training. After watching the DVD's we then take a quiz to show how much we have learned. I look forward to learning all I can about adoption.


  1. It's so difficult... this waiting stuff! We went through the EXACT same thing with our first adoption. My husband had to fly back East (we live in California) to get the court dispositions for an unpaid speeding ticket and a loitering charge from 1985. UGHH. I was so upset at the delays it was all causing until the day I saw our daughters face, and it all made sense! I know it is hard to believe right now, but every bump in the road is meant to be. It is all leading you to YOUR child. Had things happened any faster for us we would not have been matched with Mimi, I cannot even imagine our lives without her. I just wanted to share our story. I hope you get everything in order soon, and your dossier is on it's way to Ethiopia pronto! Perhaps we will meet there, we are steps away from the wait list ourselves.

  2. We were pretty much in the same boat....with the court letter, from something ridiculous from when my husband was a juvenile. Nothing comes up on a record, but we still needed a letter from the court stating that nothing was in their system. The court house thought we were crazy when we told them the type of letter we needed...
    But we are set with that now too, and are waiting on our homestudy approval and CIS approval.
    Best Wishes!