Thursday, December 30, 2010

October 20th (Day 6)

Our gotcha day!!!!!

Around midmorning Matt and I headed to the Gladney Foster care to pick up Solomon along with the Lovin family to pick up their son. (Now I can't remember why we went there instead of having him come to us....maybe because Travis had an appointment and couldn't bring him?) So we went first. We met Michael (in country staff member) outside of the care center and decided that we wanted him to bring Solomon out to us instead of us having to take him out of the care center. So we nervously waited outside the gate as he went upstairs to go get him. I started tearing up listening to all of the care givers say good bye to him and thinking about all he was losing. This almost 11 month old had been living here at Gladney for 8 months. This life was all he knew and he was losing it all to go be with two strangers. He had no idea what was in store with these people he was about to leave with. I just couldn't imagine what he was thinking.

Finally Michael walked through the gates with him. After talking to him for awhile I reached out to hold him.  He looked terrified. Matt and I continued to talk to him and try our best to comfort him as he looked pretty scared. I walked around with him as the Lovins met their son.

We got in the car and that is when the tears started coming from Solomon. He clung to me and was terrified of the car...luckily our guesthouse was pretty close. When we got to the guesthouse he just crashed and slept for about 2 hours with his daddy. I just stayed awake and watched his sleep.

Then it was time for his first bottle from daddy.

Then later that day Solomon played with his cribmate Tate Plumb and guesthouse roommate John Lovin.

We're a family!


  1. Laura- I am so happy for you, Matt and Solomon! He is so cute. Congratulations to your new family!!!

  2. When we picked Molly up, she was also scared of the car. Poor babies.

    I love all of the pictures--so sweet!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself and admit that I am a lurker, yes I said it! I found your blog through the Gladney website, but also strangely enough my husband and your husband apparently have a mutual "twitter friend" and he saw your husbands tweet about adoption, and they are now following each other, funny how that works! My husband works for the Summit Church in Durham and they do basically the same job, so I thought that was kind of neat! I just wanted to let you know how I found your blog and that your little boy is precious! We are still working on our paperwork/dossier but hope to be on the wait list in the next couple of months. Hope you don't mind if I follow along! -Ashley (