Thursday, January 20, 2011

October 26-27 (Days 12-13)

AHOPE, Kechene, Mercato, Matt leaves

October 26th - The morning started off by going to Khaldis. Yum Yum!

 Joanna and I
 Matt and Travis-making fun of sugar that is everywhere!

We had arranged to go to AHOPE- an organization that cares for orphans who are HIV positive. The home was well cared for and the children were very sweet. They have a website that includes their list of needs which I wish I had known about.
When we got back to the guesthouse this was in our "backyard". We took the boys to see the cows.

Later that night we went to Yod Abyssinia for a traditional dinner and dancing with the Lovins and Plumbs. The dinner and show start around 7pm, but we were so tired being new parents that at about 8:30 we were ready to go home.
 Joanna and Travis Lovin
 Me and Matt
 Brain and Shannon Plumb

October 27th - The morning started off by going to the Gladney office for what we thought was an appointment for the boys - unfortunately there was a mix up and after an hour we were told we actually did not have an appointment. Remember to always be flexible while in Ethiopia:) We decided to go back to Kechene government orphanage and visit with the children. Matt and Travis both connected with some of the children and wanted to go back to see them before they left. While we were there, a preschool was letting out and there were hundreds of little kids who all wanted to shake our was so cute. We then drove through the mercado..our driver told us that we were not allowed to get out and walk around as he didn't think it was safe for us. There were people everywhere!

We then headed back to our guesthouse. It was time for Matt to pack up and leave. I tried not to really think about Matt leaving because I wasn't sure how I was going to be a "single mom" and be without him. For the last 3 hours or so that Matt was there the power was off..something that happened frequently we were told due to the BNB being more outside of the city. Luckily he was on the same flight with Travis to Germany so they got to be together.

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