Thursday, February 10, 2011

October 28-30 (Days 14-16)

Lunch with Gladney people, IEC church bazaar, Sabahar

October 28, (Day 14)

My first day "alone" with Solomon. Joanna and I got a phone call from Travis letting us know that other Gladney families (some who we had not met yet) were getting together for lunch at Island Breeze so we decided to go. It is always interesting meeting people from all over the US :) When we got back from lunch Solomon was pretty fussy and clingy. That night he didn't sleep very well.

October 29, (Day 15)

The next day was spent at the guesthouse hanging out with Solomon. He continued to be fussy and wanting to held anytime he saw me standing up. Below is a picture of our driver Solomon. He was wonderful and loved the boys. He would bring us lunch and dinner if we needed it on days we stayed in.

 (Solomon, Solomon, and John)
 (Showing off those pretty teeth)

October 30, (Day 16)

The day started off at Lime Tree for breakfast with Joanna. We then headed over to the IEC church for a bazaar. They had tons of rooms and outside space full of Ethiopian crafts. This shopping is something that you don't want to miss. I got coffee bean necklaces, bowls, ornaments, a pillow for Solomon's room,  and some handmade cards...stuff that you couldn't find at the souvenir shops.  I think it is the last Saturday of the month. After shopping we headed to the Lion zoo again as Solomon our driver wanted Joanna to see it. We then went to the silk factory Sabahar.  They have an area where you can see people actually weaving the silk..but they weren't there when we were. You can also see the caterpillars...kind of neat. The day ended with getting dinner at Lucy's.

(Solomon practicing with his sippy cup and John playing with a favorite toy of both boys an empty puffs container) 

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about your stay in Ethiopia. I feel like I'm reading a suspense novel anxiously waiting to hear about days 17 - 19! We have been waiting almost 10 months now for a referral. I really want to stay in Ethiopia too, but am a little nervous so I'm really thankful that you are posting about your stay - making notes as I read along so I don't miss out on something like that lime juice!

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your special time.