Tuesday, February 15, 2011

November 2-November 3 (Days 19-20)

Sheraton, Addadi Mariam Church

November 2,  (Day 19)

Before I even left for Ethiopia, people told me I should visit the Sheraton Hotel and I wasn't exactly sure why. Then while in Ethiopia the staff asked if we had visited the Sheraton and we said no so we decided to go- the Plumbs, Joanna Lovin and I for lunch. Let me just say that it is beautiful - the furnishings, the flowers, the pools - beautiful... a vacation resort. The lunch was good as well. It s crazy to me to think how much money people spend to stay there, it is ridiculous, but it is also gorgeous.

 (Joanna, me, Shannon)
 See this painted wall..it is there to obscure your vision from the shacks that are below.

Ok so enough about that. After lunch the girls headed over to the Boston Day Spa to get a pedicure..the prices are so good...and so was the pedicure.  Then it was back to the guesthouse to play with my little man.

November 3, (Day 20)

At this point I remember thinking how will I ever make it till when my mom and MIL arrive...it seemed like forever away. So a little day trip was in order. The Plumbs, Joanna and I decided to take a trip out of the city to see the Addadi Mariam (sp?) rock church. Ok I may not be remembering this correctly but I believe it is over 600 years old. The drive there was beautiful and that alone is reason to go visit the church. If in Ethiopia, you must get out of the city and go to the countryside. Once there we had a tour guide and he sang a song for us. You have to take your shoes off so remember to wear socks and the drive is a little bumpy as part of it is on a gravel road.

 (ok see that hill with grass on it..the church is underneath all of that. Solomon our driver)
 Joanna, me, Shannon and Brian going down the steps to the church

 (Joanna and I with our boys)

 our driver Solomon
 Our tour guide
 standing outside of the church
 (me/Solomon, John/Joanna, Tate/Shannon)
 Kids loved to wave at us as we drove by
 Apparently this is where this little town has a market on the weekends

 Solomon enjoying the ride

 Playtime back at the guesthouse...isn't he beautiful

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