Saturday, February 12, 2011

October 31-November 1 (Day 17-18)

Halloween in Ethiopia, Church at the IEC, massage, doctor, play dates,

October 31, (Day 17)

The morning started off by attending a church service at the International Evangelical Church. We (The Plumbs, Joanna and I) attended the service in english and it was wonderful to see the racially diverse congregation...the service and music was similar to how our church at home worships. It was packed so if you go you might want to get there early to get a seat. After church we headed back to the Lime Tree for lunch as we had an appointment to get a massage at the Boston Spa which is downstairs from Lime Tree. The massage was nice, but be aware that they massage the front (stomach) was a little surprising. We all walked out and wished that we had made a hair appointment as well because our hair was full of oil as they also do a scalp massage. The massages are less than $10 US for an hour. Then it was time to play with the boys.
 (John dressed in his Halloween gear)
 John, Solomon, Tate
 (Trying to get them to smile)

 Cute Tate!!
 Happy Boy!!

(Hard at work playing)
November 1 (Day 18)

The day started off by going to the Gladney doctor. He didn't work on the weekends so we asked to go first thing in the morning as Solomon was still fussy and not sleeping well...I thought maybe he was teething and just wanted to get him checked out. So glad Gladney has a doctor that you can use while you are in ET!!! We saw Dr. Makias (not sure how to spell) at the Gladney foster home...he was a nice man along with another woman (maybe his assistant???) She had pictures of Solomon on her phone from when he was a bit younger that she showed me. Always heartwarming to see pictures of your baby. Turns out Solomon had a double ear infection and throat infection!! I felt horrible that he had been sick and I really had no idea except for the fact that he was cranky. Glad that I took him.

(Hanging outside of the Gladney foster home waiting to see the doctor)

We then went to the pharmacy to get Solomon's medicine.  Our driver Solomon was so helpful with everything and I don't know what I would have done without him. After the pharmacy our driver Solomon let us know that the Ayat House was close by and did we want to see it...sure why not. Ok Gladney families the Ayat House is seriously 3 houses down from the Gladney Foster homes. Ayat 1 and 2 are across the street from each other. We saw this sweet family who was staying there (can't remember which Ayat is 1 and which is 2) and met their beautiful girls while playing in their front yard. I really enjoyed the Ayat House and think it would be a nice place to stay for your second trip while bonding. Nice outside area and out of the city. We then headed over to the Ethiopian guesthouse to see 2 Gladney families: this family and the Friedrich family who had a 5 year old girl and baby boy. The Ethiopian guesthouse is way out there!

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