Monday, June 22, 2009

Adoption news...

Matt and I mailed in most of our Gladney application today..still a few things that I need from Matt and then it will be complete...I think. This means that our homestudy can now be requested. This also means that we decided to let the agency decide the gender of our baby. I had been thinking that it would be so much easier to plan if we knew what we were getting and had thought about choosing the gender, but then we decided not to. This way will be so much more exciting once we get our referral. We also got our appointment for CIS finger printing in the mail today. We go down to Charlotte on July 7 at 8am. I also mailed off some things to Kate who is helping us with our Dossier. Matt called to find out where we need to go for our other finger printing to get FBI clearance. So things are moving along!

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  1. I got you the things you needed...

    Therefore, you need to update the blog!! :)