Friday, June 5, 2009


Matt and I decided that we are going to adopt. Isn't that so exciting!! We can't wait. I have been doing tons of research over the last two months...mainly reading others blogs and we have picked our agency and country. The main reason we decided to go with Gladney is because of all the good things we have heard about working with them. The other thing Matt and I decided was where to adopt from. Should we do domestic or international? We decided to go international and chose...are you ready for it...Ethiopia. Yes that's right. After looking at those beautiful kids faces how could we not. We both feel such a peace about our decision and know that this is what God wants for us to do at this moment.

Well where are we at in the process you may be asking yourselves. And that is a great question. We had our orientation with Gladney over the phone last Friday and put in our request for an application. We have since gotten the application and the instructions for moving forward. First thing is filling out our CIS form I-600A which is complete I believe; I just need to mail it off. Tonight I am going to finish printing out all the wonderful documents and instructions and get organized about what Matt and I need to do. We have decided to call the baby "baby E" as we do not yet know what we are going to have. Can't wait till baby E gets here!!


  1. Huge news Laura. Really exciting. Congrats.

  2. Hi! My husband and I were in Campus Crusade with Matt in college and we saw on Josh Robertson's blog that you guys are beginning the adoption process. We also have a passion for adoption and adopted a little girl from Vietnam last August. We are very excited to follow your adoption journey!

  3. How exciting is that!! Congratulations, enjoy the journey!