Sunday, June 14, 2009


Several people have asked the question of why we are adopting. Matt has already written about his reason here. Well for me that is kind of a hard question to answer as there are so many things that brought me to this decision. But here it goes. Matt and I tried on our own to have children. 13 months to be exact..which isn't exactly that long...but month after month of it not working and seeing others around you get pregnant so quickly was very devastating. All I ever wanted to do was be a mama. So in order to do that we started seeing a specialist and tried his advice and pills for awhile with no luck. Over the months I felt God telling me that this is not how he wanted us to have our children. So I started to become more ok with the idea of adopting and of not having biological children. So much in fact that is was all I could think about. This became my desire. I started talking to Matt about it, telling him that this is what I thought God wanted us to do and he wasn't quite there yet, but I began praying that his eyes and heart would open up to it. Not that he was against adopting. We had always talked about wanting to adopt after we had our biological children first. (As a social worker I see all kinds of horrible conditions and know that there are tons of kids out there who need a good home and who need God's love. So adoption was always in my mind.) Matt wanted to keep trying so we did. Eventually Matt started feeling God telling him that we should start the adoption process. He began doing research behind the theology of adoption and became more and more at peace about moving forward with this process. So this is what brought us to adoption.

The other question people always ask is "Why Ethiopia?" When we both decided to move forward with adoption, I began doing research as to where we could adopt. We both knew we wanted to do international adoption. After looking through many countries Matt and I both decided that Ethiopia was the one we wanted to go for. We loved reading about the culture and thought the people from there were beautiful. Something about this country just felt right for both of us.

Matt and I bought our first gift for the baby this weekend! A book about animals that you can touch and feel their fur. Too cute!


  1. Your baby will love the book! It is one of Hannah's favorites. We are so excited for you and can't wait to meet your little one.

  2. Isn't it neat how God worked on both of your hearts about adoption? I clearly remember when Brian and I had our "adoption talk" and both of us felt like God had been working on our hearts about adoption.

    So exciting! :-)