Wednesday, June 10, 2009

our week...

This has been an unusual and stressful week and it is only Wednesday. Adoption news: Over the weekend I tried to organize some of the paperwork as there is a ton!! I finally completed our paperwork to mail in our Immigration CIS forms and mailed it today. Yeah for completing our first set of paperwork only 1 million more to go. Today, I also talked with our Gladney assistant and got some clarification on some of the other paperwork which will be for our Gladney application. I also found out that we can be working on our dossier, so I need to call Kate (who will help me with the dossier) to figure that out. Matt and I both made appointments to complete our required physicals..mine is tomorrow. Pray for me as I hate needles and they have to do blood work. Ugh. Tomorrow I am going to tell my job about adopting as I need my supervisor to write a letter saying how wonderful I am.

On a side note Matt and I got new phones tonight. Very exciting as my old phone had a huge crack in it. This is the one that I got. I hope I like it...very cool huh??I also upgraded my plan so that I can now get text messages. way to be in the 2009's Laura!!

And this is what Matt iphone :) he has been on it ever since he got it.

Matt and I are leaving for ATL tomorrow for our 5th wedding within 6 weeks!!

Please pray for a dear friend of mine who is in the hospital..she is very sick.

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